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22nd April 2021

A Personal ”Vine”!

I was ”playing shops” in the lovely village of Peyia on Saturday morning.

Not shopping for anything special: just doing chores and catching up, as you do!

Calling in to see one of the village characters, in the pharmacy on the main road, I noticed probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen , buying bits and pieces with her husband beside her.

Realising she was Russian and unable to speak very good English, it was great to see her husband calmly translating everything into English, the common language of us all and helping his wife find what she needed. His explanation of a mascara which also lengthens and makes very wide, was very funny! He even fluttered his eyelids very dramatically, to make the point about eyelashes!

I was staring and felt bad – but OMG this woman was beautiful!

Then I nearly choked: the husband of this lady, loudly asked the pharmacist for something but the pharmacist, who was across the room , didn’t hear well, so the man shouted loudly, ”My wife needs cream. She has, erm, grapes from her bottom”……

“Oh”, came the reply, ”Use this”, (holding up a box of creme with a small bunch of grapes on the front, “”my wife uses this,”, continued the pharmacist, pointing to his own wife, also a pharmacist, who was sitting behind the counter……

I had to leave.

I felt I would need urgent medical help or at least use of the Ladies, if I stayed there any longer and kept shaking so violently with laughter I was trying to disguise!

Of course, it’s life – but I’m sure this beautiful lady would have preferred to keep her ”private vine”, to herself!

Yep, we’ve a funny bunch of folk here in the village!

keep safe! x