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14th April 2014

A Perfect Jewel

It is written that the perfect expression of love, is the gift of a clear, uncut diamond, given by a man to a woman. That jewel is then meant to be fashioned into anything her heart desires: the story is the man finds the diamond, ie his choice of woman to love and then the woman ‘shapes’ their lives ie cuts the diamond as she wishes.

Sapphires are meant to represent oceans: the gift of a sapphire is the gift of a love so deep and flowing that nothing can ever take it away or ‘stop’ it from moving forward.

Pearls are unique: chosen to represent purity and honesty, trust and forgiveness – and so I could go on

Is any of this true? Well, maybe, maybe not but these are a few of the things that I tell our villa holiday makers when they arrive for a ‘special occasion’ and the lady very obviously wants to take advantage of the excellent low prices here on quality gems and gold! And my friends in Kosmina Jewellers in Coral Bay LOVE me for my ‘tales’!

One jewel I do know is Cyprus: this island is priceless, as are her indigenous people – and that is the truth! If you’d like to know more about the fairytale holiday that awaits you on this precious stone in the Med, email to me on