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8th January 2017

A perfect cheek!

It was so upsetting to wake up this morning and discover that the chain which I wear around my neck, had snapped and was tangled up in my hair. Though the chain means a lot to me, the real upset was the I had my Nannas wedding ring on the chain, with a gold cross Tony had bought me years ago.

I spotted the cross immediately: thankfully, the chain must have snapped during the night and the cross and ring had fallen into the bed. The cross was lying just under my shoulders but the precious wedding ring, almost 75 years old and tiny, was nowhere to be found.

I went downstairs to make a cuppa for us both, trying to think calmly about eg if the chain had snapped when i’d showered before bed – could the wedding ring be in the shower but why was the cross there? Returning to bed with Tonys cuppa, he tried to reassure me that I would find my treasure then, as he rolled away from me to reach for his cuppa on the bedside table, Nannass wedding ring seemed to ”appear” from the cheeks of his bottom as he turned! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – but I figured laughing was the best route , though Tony didn’t share the mirth and was convinced I’d ”put” the ring there.

Trust me: nothing would have convinced me to do that – and I only hope my Nanna laughed too from the heavens!

Items now washed and safely back on another chain, if you’d like to come to Cyprus and find hidden treasures that are our excellent holiday villa and apartment deals, email to me on!

( I’ve always thought my husband was magic but wonder what might appear today?!)


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