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23rd August 2014

A painful berth?

With the greatest of loving respect to any and every person who chooses who and what they love, this little ‘true story’ is shared with you PURELY to give those who know us, a giggle – and hopefully, a smile to those who don’t too! Certainly isn’t shared to represent any judgements of any kind………………………….ANYWAY

A couple of years ago, Tony, my long suffering but totally straight and completely (stupidly in my opinion) , homeophobic husband and I, saved up to buy a small boat. Nothing flash, nothing well equipped and sadly, nothing with a built in loo or fridge! (I can live without the loo as we have the sea (!) but my GnT DOES heat up quickly!

This small and happy boat, for which we’ve undertaken two very difficult sea based training courses to enable us to use it, is moored in Latchi Harbour. Over the course of the years, the harbour master has been very helpful to us, recognising that I’m not the fittest person in the world after the ops I’ve had on my back – so he’s lent us ‘accessible’ moorings to use. Some have been easier than others but all have been temporary.

Last week, we got the call to say we now have our own, personal, for keeps mooring, so we went to see it. Our little boat is now nestled neatly between some posher bigger ones, on the new ‘North Wall” of the harbour. Which was great and very welcomed by Tony until Neal, a man whose great big get stuffed boat is moored near ours, called into our office yesterday and said to Tony, “Oh, I see you are now berthed on the Gay Wall”. “What?”, cried by worried hubs. “We call it that”, Neal said laughing at Tonys obvious distress, “because most of the boats are owned by single men like me and though we have girlfriends, we really like to just be men only and cosy up together a lot’.

Our boat is now up for sale. Anyone want to take on a friendly little craft moored on an even friendly harbour wall? Just email to me on for further details – and photos of Tonys expression yesterday. He’s only just recovering from having been coerced into doing the ‘kissy kissy holding hands man dance’ in Yialos LOL!