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16th September 2018

A Nice Cup of Tea!

Today is the birthday of my beautiful middle sister. She is celebrating by having a mud bath – and taking a breath, knowing she’s beaten one of the odds of reaching this date since the Big C came along and held a gun against her life.

Tomorrow, would have been our Nanna’s birthday with mine, the following day, so from my sister and I being very young, this time of year was ”ours”: spent with Nanna is a haze of fun, piano playing (badly!) , cake and a ”nice cup of tea”….

Nanna was great fun: she loved to play dress up; act the fool and perform on any stage that would let her – from dropping us off at the school dance where she’d ”do” a little jig to going to the Club, where Grandad would hide in his pint.

She made our young lives magically – and solved every worry and problem, with a ”nice cup of tea”.

My sister is with her children and grandchildren in the UK today. I’m thinking of her, our nanna and such very happy times in the North East of England, where tea flowed but everything else seemed to be sparkly and magical in what were very tough days in a working life for our young parents.

Every life should have a Nanna with the spirit of ours; a sister with the courage of mine and the chance to be filled with the richness of memories and the promise of things getting better!

This is why I love to welcome holiday guests here to villas and apartments: their holiday is a metaphorical ”nice cup of tea”: some respite from the normal stuff and, with luck, filled with fun and magic!

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nice cup of tea
Nanna made our young lives magical and solved every worry and problem, with a ”nice cup of tea”.
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