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14th February 2015

A nice cup of tea , pet!

Tony and I have just shared a good old pot of Yorkshire tea with our Valentines lunch! Nothing overly romantic about that except its one of my favourite things to do, especially if I get the second, stronger cup and the tea is really strong !

Since I was a little girl, a nice cup of tea has been all that’s needed to make things seem a little better. My Nanna used to make Maxine , one of my sisters and I , sit down with her and drink our tea from ‘proper China cup’. We thought we were SO posh!

Now, sharing a pot of tea, nattering with friends and family, is always an ‘occasion’. I can fully understand and appreciate the ceremony of making and sharing tea , which is so valued in many Eastern cultures.

Luckily, here in Peyia, we can buy decent tea everywhere – and I’ve got the added bonus of having some lovely Chinese neighbours who share (and gift to me!), their tea when I go to see them about their holiday villa. Bliss!

The photo below,  is of one of my favourite teapots. This one, the second teapot given to us as a present by our friends, Andy and Els, was purchased in the craft market on the harbour in Paphos and is so very pretty, it has pride of place on our dining table. The first one, an equally  pretty one, sits on the mantelpiece. Gorgeous!

If you’d like to share a nice cup of tea, by the swimming pool in the holiday villa of your choice, email to us on and we’ll tell you which flavour of villas we’ve got left for your dates! Who knows, I might even tell your fortune from the leaves, when you are finished!

photo tea pot