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9th July 2021

A Nice Cup of Tea, Pet!

A dear friend of ours, who is currently recovering in hospital following major surgery, always tells me, ”There is little which cannot be made better by a nice walk!” – or words to that effect!

My wonderful, late Nanna would have disagreed: for her and her generation, everything was solved over a ”nice cup of tea, Pet”.

Maxine, my late sister and I, had our own pretty, china cups and saucers at our Nanna’s home. One in lemon and one in pink. From being little girls, Nanna entrusted these cups to us, instilling in us the importance of a cup of tea and the precious vessel which held it.

Of course , we realised as we got older , that neither the cup nor the tea itself was the important bit: it was the process of making the tea then sharing the moments with each other , talking about everything and nothing.

All of the big problems in our lives, the losses of loved ones and excitement of new beginnings, where shared gently over tea – and that continues today in our home – and I’m sure, homes all over the world!

My teapot and the painting of a matching cup and saucer, created by the wonderful David Smith (, are two of my favourite things.

I found myself sitting quietly this morning, enjoying a cuppa and thinking about the world around me – then was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of security and love: knowing that the cuppa represented so very many memories, smiles and tears …..

In every challenge and victory, happiness and sadness, it’s so very important to ”’feel” and ”reflect” on the moment you are in: and my cup of tea most certainly does that for me.

Family, friends, strangers and those passing by are always welcome to sit and share a cuppa with me – and I highly recommend Gravity Road Diner for their morning cuppa! Yorkshire Teabags !

Nanna had her tea delivered by the Ringtons Man! Not sure if he realised that it wasn’t the product he was bringing to our home in Hebburn but the means via which the world felt better, even if for a moment or two! Huge responsibility for a humble and lovely delivery man!

Tea break follows……..

Wishing you strong brews, pretty cups and peaceful moments! It will all get better!