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12th May 2014

a new day

Mum and I flew back to the beautiful island of Cyprus yesterday, after a very emotional week spent with family – and a very special celebration of Jims life (which we honoured in very loud, lively and happy style, as he would have enjoyed). Mum is staying with us for 2 weeks, which is 14 days and 336 hours if anyone is interested ! (Tony has worked out the seconds too – just email to him to ask him how many LOL!).

I have returned home with a heavy heart knowing how hard its going to be for Mum to pull her life back together now but also with a light in my soul, knowing that the warmth this island; from the people to the climate, will help her gently start to rebuild as she takes the slow steps to recovery – both to her heart and her physical body: the past few years of caring for Jim while he drifted away deeper into dementia, have most certainly taken their toll on her.

The flight from Newcastle was a good one, filled with happy holiday makers.  A mix of regular travellers to Cyprus and those who had never been before, it didn’t take the Geordie mix of sing song voices, very long to find someone to talk to who did know about the island and was willing to talk to them. From checkin to boarding, to the journey, Mum and I ‘talked Cyprus’. I caught a light in Mums eye as she told people where her favourite tavern is and what to eat while staying here. Seems the ‘coming back here’ may be just what the doctor ordered!

So here we are, in the sunshine, reminiscing about happy Cyprus times – and looking forward to the new beginnings which are due in our family with another great grandchild coming for Mum, within days. The Thinking Step has seen tears and smiles today – and will most likely be the place for a GnT or two later!

The healing begins in the environment of love and care – and I know Mum just has to sit back and let this Cyprus day ‘work its magic’, then another will follow and so on and so on.

If you need some warmth, spiritual, physical or emotional, there is no where better to try. Email to me on and I’ll tell you more and try to help you find your new day in the sunshine