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25th September 2021

A New Chapter: letter from Dexter’s mum person.

37 years ago, an abandoned , 2 year old Black Labrador, wagged his way into our lives.

We’re weren’t looking for him. We certainly weren’t expecting the journey we’d share together for the short 4 years we were together until cancer took him from us  – but OMG , nor were we expecting the sheer joy and love that this animal brought to our lives. Losing him broke our hearts. Loving him, made us more complete.

The loss is still there.

And so is the love.

Walking through the chapters of the book of our lives so far, we’ve shared the joy of living with so very many precious dogs and cats. From the sassy Collie dog, Lucy, who stole my heart late one Saturday afternoon when I was shopping for food for Dan, the Labrador mentioned above through to Barney T Rubble, who left us too soon on Easter Saturday this year.

William, Lucy, Alfie, Jake, Molly, Henri- but- your – not-staying (though you managed 12 years with us) , Barney T Rubble- each, along with Dan, our very first shared doggy, have shown us the real meaning of love.

Losing them and the pain it brought, is still there.

And so is the love.

So we’ve come full circle and are now sharing our home with Dexter, a very funny and cheeky black labrador puppy. He’s been here only 3 days but it feels like he was meant to be with us, in ways I cannot explain.

Watching him ”make his mark” on our home while he takes control of our hearts, in a way only animal lovers will understand, humbles me – and scares me.

How will I cope if we lose him?

How do I feel when I see him in the places where some of the other dogs, who shared life in Peyia with us, played and lived?

I feel grateful.

For Dexter. For each of them who”ve wagged before and for all of the joy and love every animal has given to us.

Are we worthy of that love? Only time will tell – though if you asked Brucie and Harry cat that question today, they’ve paws for thought and tell you how very selfish we are even considering bringing a dog into the house.

But they’ll sort it out. Animals are more sensible than humans.

It’s not about being ”top dog” or ”number one”. It’s about being. Right here; right now in this moment. In the book of our lives, this is the new chapter.

Between hello and goodbye, there is so very much love. After goodbye, that love doesn’t leave and is the price paid for the depth of love.

I sense every one of our animals love wrapped around the paws of tiny Dexter and I know their spirits will guide him, for naughty and for fun, to live his life ”out loud”, secure in love and safety. God willing, we are worthy of him.

I was born in my Nanna’s,, ”big bed”, with her dogs, Paddy and Laddy, lying either side, waiting for me to arrive.

I’ll pass with a dog at my side, spirit or living, knowing I’ve been honoured with the presence of some of the best creatures in this amazing Universe of ours.

Dexter, welcome and Namaste.

I pray you see God in us too and that we are the humans you seem to believe we are for you. Your spirit furry brothers and sisters, will help us do right by you, I’m sure.