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1st January 2010

A new career for Molly Mou?

Tony and I are very concerned. Deep in a week which has seen many happy guests arrive to lovely holiday villas/those in apartments, renewing their tenancy and last minute bookings flying in, Susie Floozy has kept our lives on track by being the ‘angel’ who has gone with The Great Raymondodoulou, to care for Molly and help her through her grief over losing Alfie.

In fact, I don’t know how any of us would have got through the week if it hadn’t been for Susie F and TGR: they are the best friends we could have here and they love Molly so much…….

That said, we are now a little worried about HOW they love Molly: yesterday when we got home, Molly was wearing what can only be described as a ‘doggy dominatrix’ outfit. Bright red leather, studded with diamonds and fitting snuggling around her little body, showing off her legs and cheeky smile, this ‘outfit’ was questionable. Susie F tells me its a ‘harness’. ……..


We are going to go to the house of the Shelley-Seymours (SF and TGR) when they are out. If SF has a matching ‘harness’, we are leaving without a forwarding address………..

All very scary, LOL

Category: Cyprus Villas News