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27th March 2016

A need to know basis.

Life has a funny way of teaching you things when you least expect it to, doesn’t it? The moments sort of , ‘creep up on you’ and somehow everyday things are ‘revealed’ to you, in a different light.

I’ve had a few of these this week: moments when time has seemed to , ‘stand still’ as I’ve been ‘inspired’ to look at the moment or ‘feel’ the moment differently. One was, as I was talking Molly, our tiny older dog, for a walk on her own down the quiet country lanes here. Molly, like all dogs, loves to run and walk – and adores exploring but is normally part of a ‘pair’, walking with Barney T Rubble, whose sheer size and appearances, attracts all of the attention. With only the two of us around, there was a moment just before we got out of the car, when Molly and I looked at each other and she seemed to smile and say , ‘thank you’ to me. Suddenly, I saw the soul in the furry body and thanked god for her love and friendship, in a way I’d not felt this deeply for a very long time.

Another, was yesterday when, having the discomfort of having to talk to a very young and handsome doctor about a small problem I have, I felt suddenly, like I’d aged 50 years in a moment. I wanted to say, “Look at me! I can dance, love mischief, am young and can be funny” – but the moment was about a middle aged lady with only a name and set of symptoms, talking to a person whose job was to care , only not that much. I realised then how my Mum feels, at 73, with her body giving up on her but her spirit still craving adventure and joy. It was very levelling.

Each brought home to me , again, how precious every moment is – and how quickly times flies , so ‘seize the moment’, has never been so real to me.

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Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and a very peaceful Spring! The photo below is of two ‘easter ladies’ chatting to the ‘angel of the staircase’ in our home! Silly but fun!

easter ladies