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20th July 2016

A Nanna Nap!

Oh, am so very happy to have Vicky and Tony here for so very many reasons but one is that they don’t mind in the least that I need a , “Nanna Nap” late afternoon! I love sleep SO much. Since I was a little girl, I simply curl up in a ball and sleep away any worries or hurt – so I sleep a lot coz I carry a lot of crap around in my head and heart!

Anyway, I’ve always thought that everyone should nap at some stage in the day Not when driving or doing something sensible of course but definitely on holiday and often in the sunshine , (with the right protective covering and shade of course!).

In fact, one of the things I love about having a holiday , is that you can have a nap when you want to – and as I’m on holiday today, I’m having a Nanna Nap, right n…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(When I wake up, I’ll be very happy to respond to your enquiries for lovely villas with clean  pools and cozy beds, here in Coral Bay and Peyia. Email to me on Night night!).

Barney T Rubble and Molly Mou are snoozing too……!

photo dogs in beds