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19th March 2014

A ‘Mr Big‘ Life

Susie F had to do the most kind act of love yesterday and put one of her beloved cats, Mr Big, to sleep. This wonderful, big feline character , who wandered into the home and hearts of Susie and The Great Raymondodoulou a couple of years ago, had been poorly for a while but had battled on , loved and cared for by Susie.

Mr Big was a gorgeous cat: larger than life, full of warmth and gentle by nature, we all adored him – and we’ll all miss him too.

My heart goes out to Susie though: she absolutely adores her pussy cat family:  spoilt rotten; each live in paradise and all know where they are well off. I know many tears will be shed for Mr Big – but I also know he was such a character, he’ll already be scheming with the angels to find a replacement to live in the furry gang – and knowing the size of Mr Big, I suspect Susie will get three new arrivals for the price of one!

Tons of love Sue – and to Steph and Paul, who lost one of their cats, Stompy , a couple of days ago. The price of love is high – but worth it when the pain eases a little and the happy memories kick in xxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News