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1st January 2010

A Mouse in the Office!

Mal, our friend and computer engineer, came to help Tony “configure” (?) his new computer so that it can be taken to Dallas, where Tony will sit his pool instructors exam. It was all very interesting (yawn) but certainly got moreso when, noting it was going to take more time than he initially thought, Mal asked if he could bring his dog in to the office . He’d left it in the car….

A dog to play with ! Of course – and in walked Mouse!

For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to meet our gorgeous Molly Mou, just imagine a Molly, twice the size, slightly more golden in colour but with the same loving characteristics. Within seconds of rushing into the office, Mouse had settled herself on my knee so I couldn’t do anything but cuddle her and tickle her ears.

And there she remained for the one hour plus it took for the boys to sort their new toy.

Mouse is great: happy, full of life and very fast on her feet. Must be a trait of the breed. Molly goes everywhere at warp speed, especially when she’s stolen something and wants us to chase her!

Mice featured a lot in our day yesterday. When I took Alf to the vet, the nurse was telling me she was looking forward to last night when she was going to see a friend to help her “mice” her snakes…………..

Mouse is enough, thank you – and on a scale of one to ten, my fear of snakes is 100, so please keep them to yourselves!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News