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28th March 2019

A Morning Person?

Something very strange is happening. I’m a person who loves to sleep – in fact, someone who is known for her need for, “Nanna Naps”. At any time of the day and evening. But suddenly, I’m wide awake before 6 am and SO EXCITED about the day ahead, that I’ve got to get up!

Even with Tony snoring gently beside me and Barney T Rubble snoring enthusiastically at the side of the bed; with the bed is so very comfy – AND the fact it’s not my turn to make the first cup of tea and bring it to bed, I STILL have to get up and ”smile” at the day!

The birds are singing, one of the residents of the cat hotel is meandering across our garden – because he can because Barney is sleeping and won’t give chase…… there are a million and one things to do at in the office, some of which I don’t want to do and the ironing mountain is visible .. BUT the mornings are looking more and more beautiful and I just NEED to be part of them.

So, I’ve been up since 6 am. Not early for many but TOO early for me! Thanks to the overseas parcel of Yorkshire Tea delivery yesterday, I’m on decent brew number 5 and all is good with the world right at this moment…..

Bring on the day with all its light and shade, laughter and frustrations. I’m ready for it!

(Am also ready to answer any of your questions about which villa or apartment is best for you and your family, for your Spring or Summer Cyprus holiday. Email to and I’ll put the kettle on, sit down and tell you all about the wonderful holiday which is waiting to be chosen by you!)

have a great day!

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