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1st January 2010

A model Mum!

We get to meet some very interesting people in our work. Not only are the holidaymakers great but the owners of the villas are good fun too.

Over the years, getting to know some of the owners well, we would class them as friends and enjoy time with them , never forgetting the professional reason for us meeting them of course! We are accountable to them and don’t lose sight of that!

This week, one of my favourite owners is here: Jean is a character; speaks her mind and worries about the world but makes the worrying colourful and fun – and I love the banter we have. She called into the office yesterday with her friend, who is holidaying with Jean and told me two great stories!

Apparently, she may ( or may not have!) accidentally brought food into the country which she shouldn’t have done – but it was only to pack out the sides of the box carrying a travel cot officer! And , being Jean, she also got assistance from one of the officers at the airport to find and carry said box!

The best bit though, was hearing how Jeans gorgeous daughter was getting on. This young lady is destined for great things where modelling/TV are concerned and has been having many interviews as well as working as an extra. As Jean was leaving for Cyprus, she rang her husband only to find that said gorgeous daughter was still in bed and should have been up and getting ready for a big interview. In typical Jean style, she instructed her husband to do “whatever was necessary” to wake up their daughter – including pulling off her false eyelashes!!

Its touching to listen to a loving Mums concern for her offspring – and heartening to know how much said daughters career means to Mummy – but I’m delighted I don’t wear false eyelashes or fall asleep in the vicinity of Jean or her beautiful villa Aarabella in Coral Bay!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News