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1st January 2010

A March Saturday shananigans!

Yesterday was a normal Saturday here: sun shone, birds sang and planes arrived carrying guests from all over the UK and Europe to enjoy our shores. We had a very pleasant day with Armani and TwoSheds (David and Jennie!); Jennie was introduced to the joys of shopping in our local supermarket, Phillipos, where you can buy anything from furnishings to fruit, flip-flops to fertiliser – all from a tumble down little village shop. We then “took coffee” in my friend Marias new cafe on the hill: its very nice but because its on the steep hill, the tables and chairs are balanced on awkward angles and sitting still, you feel as if you are falling down the hill. Catching your coffee can be an art form – but this is Peyia and its great fun. After an hour people watching, it was back to work for me (Tony was already there) until 5pm when Peyia kicked off.

Now Twosheds is a closest football hooligan: don’t let the chic exterior and poise fool you: this lady is not for turning when it comes to passion for the game! And it was a very exciting game due to the away team bringing almost 500 supporters who sang loudly pre and post match. With 15 minutes to go and Peyia being beaten 1,nil, all of the lights in the stadium failed – and stayed off for 10 mins. We gave up and carefully headed off to do a few villa checkins but the stadium felt very eery in darkness and it was a little concerning stepping down the (steep) steps to get out but we survived, did the checkins and went to Jail, not free but at the cost of a few beers in our favourite local pub.

The day was great and ended on a high for us but a low for Armani: Tony and David went to checkin lovely friends of ours who, with their family, have taken a villa in Peyia. The villa is built on three levels with the entrance on the mid level and groundfloor housing storage and a spare bedroom. Having checked everyone in and sorted out the bedrooms (on the upper floor), Tony and David said their good nights to our friends at the doorway – and David descended the inner stairs down to the basement as he waved goodbye……

Climbing back up the stairs to join everyone who were laughing their heads off, David remained calm and elegantly tried a second exit, this way through the front door.

I’ve laughed all day: first he tries to pee in cupboards and now he wants to breakout through basements………..what will tomorrow hold?! (I’ll let you know!)