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17th January 2020

A Magical Day of Kindnesses!

What a wonderful day it has been! One of those where , on waking up, you may have a general idea of how the day will pan out but it brings so very much more than you thought it would! I’ll explain….

I’d booked to have my first ever Reiki healing session with a lady I’ve met only a few times but who has the most gentle and warm, ”aura”, so I was looking forward to this very much. Having no idea what Reiki entailed, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of peace and the sheer sense of feeling glad to be alive which is would bring. A huge part of this was due to Nicky: she was amazing. The treatment lasted an hour, we talked for a further 30 minutes then she surprised me by telling me there was no charge: that the treatment was a gift from a friend for a Christmas treat. I was so touched – and I’ve booked to go back again. If you’ve not tried Reiki, please do – or ask me for Nicky’s number when you are next here!

Going about my shopping after the session, I called into my favourite fruit and veg shop, where I stocked up on veg for the weekend – then got gifted a melon, purely because the owner wanted me to have it. So nice!

Calling into Golden Rose florist, to get tulips for our home, Maria gave me the price for the bunches of 8 tulips then proceeded to give me 14 of each of two colours for the price of 8! This made me very happy – and they look so good at home in the vases too.

Speaking of home, when I walked in, Tony had done the ironing – or a lot of it! I nearly fell over!

Honestly don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a special day filled with the best of people who’ve been incredibly kind to me , but thank you to them – and thank you Universe. Am one very contented lady tonight!


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