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24th March 2018

A lost soul

Well, it’s official. The time is upon me where I have to wear , ”cover up clothes; highlighting eye cream and, OMG, SENSIBLE SHOES”………… doooooommmmeeeddd!

Look, it’s not funny! So I’ve broken my back; had two huge ops on it in the past 2 years, then broken bones either side of my left knee now my right knee is ”goosed” BUT I’ve the heart and spirit of a ballet dancer, want to Flamenco my way around the supermarket and LURVE heels!

“NO”, cry my tired joints. “Get real: you are a Nanna Dumpling and cannot, in any circumstances, continue to pretend otherwise”…

So today, my long suffering husband DRAGGED me to the local sports shop and MADE me buy shoes which not only fit, (which is rare for me) BUT are also quite comfortable…. and I can walk in them BUT IT’S NOT THE POINT! They look horrible. Accentuate my fat knees and square bottom – and I’m depressed!

So , I’m walking now at night. In the dark. In a hoodie. (Course I borrowed it! Don’t believe I would ever own one LOL).

Still, there could be a Goddess of Shoes: The new walking ones have memory foam apparently – and Tony reckons they’ll be so traumatized by the shape of my feet and the way I walk, that they’ll wake up tomorrow, remember what they went through – and run away!

So I’ve left them outside to make it easier for them to escape!

Anyway, if you want to escape to the Cyprus sunshine in Spring or Summer 2018, to a holiday rental villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me at and I promise I’ll wear decent shoes to check you in!