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19th September 2021

A Lonely BBQ and Happy Guests!

What a wonderful weekend!

Am so very happy to know that two new groups of guests have arrived in their chosen villas in Peyia. Di and Jill, I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you are actually here! It’s been such an up and down time, hasn’t it?

And while I loved getting to know you each a little on email, it’s so much better for each of you to be actually having your holiday instead of dreaming about it!

Huge welcome home to Peyia and may all of your holiday dreams come true ! (thank you for your trust!). x

Am also happy that a guest who left his chosen villa recently, was able to get out and about and enjoy Peyia…..

Why wouldn’t he? Well, he rang to ask me how to use the BBQ so I explained the process, the need for absolute care as the area is so dry, any spark can set off a huge fire.

I advised him never to leave the BBQ unattended……….

So he rang back a day later to ask permission to leave the house, even though they’d used the BBQ – he wanted to check it would be okay.

Note to self: be more specific!


Anyway, get those fingers on keys and email to me to check availability in YOUR choice of villa for Winter sun or 2022: and I’m SO happy to be here to help you!