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1st January 2010

A living, breathing job….

Tony and I love our work. Its a real pleasure caring for the villas , pools and gardens – and I LOVE meeting the holiday villa guests who stay in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. As I know how good our villas are, its a great thrill to see the guests faces when they arrive and see the quality for themselves……….wonderful!

Its hard to switch off though: we work 6 days in the office, then every night and all Sunday at home on our computers, taking enquiries and trying to help holiday makers. Sometimes I think all we ever talk about are holiday villas in Coral Bay…

This must be true because, apparently, last night when I was asleep, Tony woke up and told Molly off for snoring so loudly she’d woken him. Without waking, I’d said to Tony, “Oh, its not Molly. Its the lady she’s rented her villa too: I can hear her from here”….

Molly mou continued her doggy dreams unaware of Tonys laughter. I knew nothing of the nighttime conversation until this morning – but Tony has told anyone who’d listen that I’ve cracked up!

Category: Cyprus Villas News