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12th June 2021

A Little Life Lesson.

It’s been a tough week – or maybe it’s been how I’ve been feeling about stuff which has made it tougher than it needed to have been.

Either way, with a little help from the second AZ jab on Thursday, I slide down into a very unnatural – for  me- dark place….

Like so very many of millions of people worldwide, I’m missing family, dearest friends and the chance to plan happy things to look forward too. Have felt homesick for somewhere which hasn’t been my home for almost 19 years – and felt totally lost.

All silly – but very real…

Add missing the big furry boy into the bargain and I haven’t been worth talking to for at least 36 hours!

This morning, I’ve given myself a shake, put my lippie on  (we are British after all!) and dragged my sorry self down into Peyia village to ”play shops”.

How glad I am that I did! The lady in Hearns Bookshop, who I know by sight if not name, was lovely and friendly and made me feel so much better. Heading to Philippos, I met with the beautiful Kerry, wife of our friend Chris: she’s young, gorgeous and like a breath of fresh air. Passing the time of day with her, a neighbour shouted ”hello”, then the hardworking girls who stack the shelves there, stopped to talk to me about stuff and nonsense until Islam interrupted them, with a huge happy smile – and claimed me for himself so we could talk rubbish/local champagne , (water – something he always gifts to me) and then I did my shopping……

Coming home to a welcome from Brucie cat, who has lived around the house for 4 years, patiently accepting the odd cuddle and always daily food, came to welcome me with a ”love” then has settled next to me as I’m writing this nonsense……

I’ve messaged a good friend and apologised for being a miserable madam and turning down her invitation for this afternoon, begging forgiveness and a place in ”the gang” – and now am giving myself a shake.

So things are a little tough – but for everyone. But the tiny journey around my village, reminded me that this IS home and there is so very much to be grateful for. From the smiles on the travels shop to shop to the locals of all nationalities who, like me, are simply doing their best.

It’s all okay.

And I’m so grateful for the moment, the wake up – and for being able to find my lippie coz I need to put it on to go for a giggle with the girls, this pm!

Big hugs. We all need them now and again.