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3rd August 2021

A Little Faith!

Please don’t read this if you are easily offended/of a sensitive religious leaning/don’t like rubber/do like rubber/are reaffirming your pronouns/ or are simply annoyed with the world……….

It’s a TRUE villa guest story – and I apologise to no-one.

It’s what it is. Simple . And funny!

So, I go to one of our lovely holiday villas to check on the arrival of a family who were tired and having a little trouble working a window lock.

Sorting that was easy. Push in and turn (!). (That’s not the bit to be offended by!).

In the pool, was a handsome, lovely little boy, aged around 7 . He was wearing what looked like rubber shoes to protect feet against stones on the beach etc.

As I passed him, he asked me: “”Do you know Jesus?” “”oh dear””, I thought, “”where is this going?…””

“Yes”, I said and smiled. “Well, he is a spirit and I’m not speaking to him”, said the little boy. ”He is a liar and I don’t believe him anymore”…….

I was now very worried….

“Do you want to talk about it?”, I ventured very cautiously, not wanting to offend/upset or annoy anyone in the family!

“Look at this”, continued my new friend, climbing out of the pool and then standing ready to step onto the water. “He told me he could walk on water and so could I. Well I cannot………” said he and promptly sank under the water in the shallow end of the pool!

Walking towards the gate as quickly as I could, I replied , ”The thing is, you’ve probably had chocolate today and will be tired from your flight, so it might not work right now but am sure you are magic in your own way and maybe you’ve misunderstood Jesus. Go ask your Mum………”

……..and I got out of there as quickly as my feet could touch the scorching earth, giggling to myself as I went!


If you’d like to book a private villa with clean pool where you can swim happily in the water but may find walking on it, a little more challenging, email to me on

Best foot forward now!