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4th May 2014

A ‘hungry bottom’!

Walking along the coastline at Coral Bay, with our dogs, this morning, Tony was treated to the sight of a very pretty, lone tourist, battling with her flowing sundress: as the warm winds rushed around us all, her dress was blown high revealing a very pert but ‘hungry’ bottom, which seemed to be in the process of demolishing her bikini bottoms.

It was quite funny to watch and Tony was enthralled but I felt for the girl, so hurried our party of 4, past her – then thanked god that I wasn’t wearing a sundress or she’d have been treated to something akin to a before (her) and after (me)! Thongs are definitely NOT me!

Got me thinking that many tourists who come to the island  – or I suppose any island – pack their ‘dream’ holiday wardrobe which often doesn’t fit/isn’t appropriate/isn’t ‘them’ but its their holiday, so who cares! I read on social media once, “when you come to our island home and the sun is what you’ve got, please dress for the body you have, not the one that you want!” It made me laugh – till I was packing to go back to the UK today, returning for the funeral and realised that my ‘grown up clothes’ may not fit me anymore!

I decided not to put a photo with this blog today – couldn’t find  one of a nice enough derriere to share with you – so you’ll have to imagine one!

If you’re also imagining sharing this beautiful 27 degree heat today with us, please email to me on and we’ll tell you about our best dressed villas and apartments. Have a lovely Sunday!