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30th December 2018

A Hostage Situation on the Hill

Jake, our first, completely crazy Akita, used to cause ”hostage situations”. We couldn’t leave shopping in bags on the floor or put soup in a pan because he’s ”steal ” and not give back.

One of his favourites, ”steals”, was a tub of butter or margarine. He’d take it to the corner of the room and hold it hostage until he’d finished every last bit!

Returning from a walk then quick shop today, I dropped a tub of butter at the front door and was smiling to myself thinking, I’ll pick this up in a moment when I’ve let Barney T Rubble out – because he doesn’t ”take hostages”…..

Famous last words! No sooner had the door opened, when Barney stole the tub and ran inside, curling himself up in the corner and refusing to let the tub go! Luckily, Barney isn’t as naughty as Jake was, so after a little coaching and the offer of a biscuit, he ”handed the tub over”.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did! If Barney is starting to ”channel” Jake, we are in seriously big trouble!

….come and enjoy a holiday with us! You’ll not be a hostage to  Barney but I bet you won’t want to leave! Email to for details on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations!

The photo is of our beloved Jake! Barney definitely shares his good looks!