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1st January 2010

a holiday in the heart….

I’m really sad to read on the net, some very bad reviews about Peyia (as well as tons more good ones). The bad ones are complaining about eg cracked pavements, some old fashioned toilet systems and worse – european businesses! Shameful!

Having lived here 10 years and run our holiday business for 8, I’ve got to say the problem with Peyia is some of the incomers: so many expats move here and believe themselves to be above any legalities: from registering to paying VAT, to taking out official residency to paying even for their water, so many people take and don’t give back.

The authors of the bad comments forget the village is small in numbers of real local people and poor in terms of finances. The riches this village has, are in the hearts of the real true local cypriots whove fought famine and war to build their homes and work the land. That developers have come in and wrecked the terrain, making themselves rich but not Peyia rich, is not the problem of the locals.

Holidaymakers who come here, if they come with the right attitude and understanding of what our village is all about, will love the village. If they look beyond the necessary repairs to eg hundreds of years old walls on some houses or the new takeaway catering to the new people, they’ll find a place of song, stories, superstition and strong family values – all wrapped in sunshine.

This is a great place. What it cannot do is change a bad attitude or confused brain. If you take your prejudices and closed mind anywhere in th world, even paradise seems terrible to you.

Open you mind and heart and let the real Peyia in next time you come – or take your bigotry elsewhere…..