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4th May 2017

A happy ending

Once upon a time, a spotty tea pot was so very lonely that he went to live in a picture frame, where he was befriended by a little mouse who lived in the teapots tummy. The tea pot was quite happy with this arrangement but still felt that he couldn’t fulfil his potential and become a proper tea pot until he had tea making friends around him, who’d help the process of his work.

It came to pass that the little mouse moved on to finer tummies and left the tea pot on his own, so the tea pot left the picture frame and took his place on the kitchen cabinet. Soon, he was befriended by what must have been his cousin: a small, spotty sugar bowl, who loved the spotty tea pot and cuddled up to him, at every given opportunity.

Life was sweet and teas were made but both of the spotties felt it wasn’t quite right being pretty and spotty and bright – and having to work with a white , plastic and unfriendly kettle, who didn’t seem to care about them…..

It seem the God of Kettles was listening: lo and behold, a handsome, strong, red kettle appeared and banished Mr Plastic to the cupboard, before making friends with Spotty Teapot and Spotty sugar bowl.

Now tea tastes better. The threesome are very happy in their work and  gleam brightly whenever they are called into service!

Ah. A happy ending and time for a happy cuppa!

Category: Cyprus Villas News