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1st January 2010

A great tablet to swallow…..

Yesterday was very difficult. Alfie dog had to be taken to the vet to have the (apparently) half a kilo weight lump taken off his shoulder. This lump had got to the point where the skin looked like it was going to split – and Jake was desperate to bite the lump, which wasn’t helping matters!
The op took a couple of hours then Alfie had to be monitored very carefully due to his age and poor health. Thank god, he came through very well and we’ve just collected him from the vet and brought him home
Along with a carrier bag of various tablets and potions he now has to take for various ailments!

I couldn’t care less about the tablets, the costs or the huge hassles of trying to now keep jake and molly away from alfie until his many stitches are out. The key thing is that Alfie is here, the lump has gone and his is very happy to be back with us.
Somethings dont change though: Jake still wants to bite the place where the lump used to be and Molly wants to cuddle and kiss her brother! Only Charlie cat has behaved – in a funny matter! I had to give him his worming tablets, which is easy: you just say, “Charlie, please eat this tablet” and he does! Funny animal!

So , we’re all home again, thankfully. Surrounded by medicines, including manflu stuff for Tony but home together just the same.

We couldn’t be happier!

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