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11th September 2012

A Gray Day!

So its tanking down: thunder and lightning; storms strong enough to take the internet out and rain lashing down so heavily even Sam, our eating monster, won’t venture out of the office BUT Bob Gray and his family are on the way to stay in the lovely villa Kastelloriso, so the sun will come out when they land, even if the weather doesn’t change!

Bob and Caz have trusted us with their holidays for over 6 years now and we love them ! They are just fab customers: honest, trusting and just lovely. The sort of people who make you want to move heaven and earth to ensure they have a great time – but they have such sunny attitudes, they’ll have a great time regardless of the weather.

Luckily the sun is due back out tomorrow – and , with the quiz in The Mill scheduled tonight, we know they’ll both be happy . Eating Monster has a pressie in the office for them too IF she can keep her chops off it!