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6th November 2013

a good night in and a curry!

Carole, Mike, Tony and I enjoyed a wonderful takeway curry from Koh-i-Noor in Kissonerga last night. Delivered by Dial a Dinner, we just poured drinks, got the cash ready and enjoyed fab food.

I’m always telling our holiday villa guests in the lovely villas and apartments in Coral Bay, to try the Dial A Dinner service. its first class!

Anyway, there was so much food, we had to wrap some up in cellophane and leave it to cool in the kitchen. Course, wine took over and bed beckoned, so curry was left on the top……….

During the night, there was the most almighty row going on. Two cats were at it hammer and tongs, so , worried that Charlie cat was being hurt, i hurried downstairs (remembering we had guests to did get dressed!), and there, with his head in the curry, was Charlie – who was being screamed at by Big Black Cat and his feral friend. The twosome were sitting on the kitchen table trying to intimidate Charlie , who couldn’t have cared less.

I had a coffee, watched the show then chased the visitors out (cats, not Mike and Carole – the latter are very well behaved)……

Methinks we’ll have to share any future takeaways with Charlie (and Molly!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News