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1st January 2010

a god for all things

Steve, the young gardener on our team, has had the luckiest of escapes today when he wrote his van off on the Akamas road, trying to avoid a goat.

The huge gardening van is currently nestled in someones front wall and gate, having climbed the tree and then fallen – and is completely bashed in

Ste, thank you, is a bit bruised and battered but here to tell the tale – which he did to the ambulance driver a few times till the driver asked him to talk to his ‘mother’ ie me, who was sitting beside him…..

Sometimes, things go right and other than the frustration of the inevitable paperwork and insurance stuff, this went right for Ste and he’s here to eat more/annoy us more/garden more and climb more trees – but preferably not in his van!

Category: Cyprus Villas News