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1st January 2010

A ghostly shave……

Am getting a little nervous! There have now been three “sightings” of a female ghost in our villa in Peyia and, while I took the first two with a pinch of salt (and put them down to a) wedding nerves from our beautiful bride, Rebecca then b) too much Baileys from the gorgeous Chez, I actually saw the third…………

Tony didn’t believe me at all – until last night. We were sitting watching a movie and waiting for the delayed arrival of the holidaymakers for apartment Isis, when a noise started in our bathroom. We went to look and found that Tonys electric razor had been switched on. Thinking it was just a fluke, we turned it off and put it back on the side of the sink – where it switched itself on again a few minutes later. This continued for a while….. During the night, the razor switching itself on, we switched it off then it all started again. As the switch is tough to push, we don’t know how it started
Tony got fed up and put the razor in the bedside drawer – where it lay for a few minutes then began to “purr” again…………..
I wonder what this ghost is trying to tell us? I’ve checked my legs and they are fine: Tonys stubble is quite appealing – could this be the Susie F ghostly visitations telling me to get a short back and sides?????………….will keep you closely informed

Category: Cyprus Villas News