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1st January 2010

A foul day

Its been a bit of a tough day one way and another. The highlights were booking some new holidays for the lovely villas Lucia and Garlands in Coral Bay. The lowlights included seeing a wonderful young family struggle to find work here and have to consider moving back to UK.

The best bits were hearing that Tonys tests were okay: he’s been a bit poorly, then also hearing that Lesley, our lovely friend, is doing well too – so life brightened tremendously.

I decided to celebrate by having what can only be described as a ‘tarts boudoir’ bath’: candles, incense, no other lighting and bath salts with rose petals……lying there contemplating my navel, I was looking at the lovely angle candle which was burning next to me and making me feel peaceful, then I became aware of the huge, stone duck, with the funny face, standing towering over the angle and I had to laugh! A gift from our beautiful friend, Twosheds, who is completely wonderfully ‘quackers’, the duck is just perfect even though its probably not the first present which ever springs to the mind of a sensible person! Then again, Twosheds and I have exchanged some crazy gifts and will continue to do so – in fact I need to get my head together and try to thing of something new to buy for her…..when I’m asked to pay for it, I’ll just say, ‘put it on ducks bill’……………x

Category: Cyprus Villas News