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1st January 2010

A flock of birds…….

Had a lovely lunch yesterday round at Susie Fs place. The “boys” were out playing so the girls decided to get together and do what girls do best: drink bubbly, talk and talk a whole lot more – then drink more bubbly!
It was a lovely afternoon. Susie, who is a secret excellent cook, had made a great lunch. I met one of the “others”, Susies gorgeous friend, Ange and Vanessa came too: perfect!

Course, we inevitably got round to discussing major issues like eg hairstyles and who would really have a “short back and sides”. Susie and Ange are great advocates of this but for Vanessa and I, the jury is out……..

The boys had fun too: I was talking to James this morning, as he was getting Apartment Isis ready for an arrival we have this afternoon. apparently, a great time was had by all – despite one of Santas (static) reindeers attacking James as he walked home…….(James tripped over the new Christmas decorations on the corner near the lovely Villa Lily-May – and cut his hands…..)

Got to fly! Holidaymakers due , snow permitting!

Category: Cyprus Villas News