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1st January 2010

A female houdini

When Susie Floozy rang yesterday morning and said, please can you do me a huge favour, I (naturally) said yes without knowing what it was she needed. Sue has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and I would do anything for her (hope she isn’t reading this!). What I didn’t expect was that she wanted us to take in another dog – just for the night – but a 4th to add to our 3 plus Charlie cat/honorary dog!

We’ve a kennel and run at the back of the house. Our gang have their own bedrooms, ensuite and with voiles, so they don’t need the kennel. “Houdini” dog, named after her arrival when she escaped the bars of the kennel until she settled, didn’t seem to mind her overnight accommodation. A beautiful, young black and white hunting dog, Houdini has the most lovely eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog.She looked so sad but still had trust and love in her gaze.

Keeping her for the night wasnt the problem. Letting her go this morning, when the ladies came to take her to Paws sanctuary, was awful. Jake wanted to fight her. Molly wanted to play and Alfie, bless him, just wanted her to be alright. Charlie and a pal spent an hour staring at her from the top of the kennel……..we all gave her attention. Even Tony, I learned this morning, sneaked her some spoils from the BBQ we had yesterday!

There are so many dogs around now who’ve been dumped and hurt by their owners for the crime of either being too old or not strong enough to hunt. Its terrible. Thankfully, there are people like Susie, Julie, Margaret and others , who DO care and will help – and I’m happy to help them.

Wishing Houdini a life and family from which she doesn’t need to escape xx

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