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1st January 2010

a fair question

This is my third year of learning Greek Cypriot and I’m still struggling. I can actually read the language quite well now and understand the variations on pronounciation – but what anything means is still beyond me.

My current teacher is the most lovely Stella, who works in the Municipality of Peyia during the day and teaches in the evenings. She teaches conversational Greek and has been a great help to me. I’m trying to be the same to her as she and many of her friends have villas in Coral Bay and villas in Peyia which they’d like to rent.

Like me,some of these good people struggle with the precise translation of language when they speak to me but unlike me, they do try. I have to smile though when every telephone call is from a pleasant Cypriot who introduces themselves, tells me why they are ringing and where they house is. Describes their house and tells me the price they want for long term rental, then asks me , “Are you interesting?”

Am I? You tell me! But I’ll definitely take a look at the villas in Coral Bay, Peyia and Sea Caves ….

Category: Cyprus Villas News