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8th November 2014

A dream piece of furniture?

I’m sitting in my tiny office at home, answering enquiries from people who want to rent a holiday villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, in the summer next year (and one sensible person who wants to come next week to get some sunshine!) and I was half listening to an interview on the TV news and have had to stop work!

“Who in their right mind would dream of being a piece of furniture?”, I’ve just asked Tony.

“What are you talking about wife?” , came the frustrated reply. “That man on the news was telling the reporter that he is getting the conversion done to become a side board”, I ventured.

Sighing deeply, Tony said , “Cyborg. He has had implants and treatment to become a Cyborg. Just look at the aerial coming out of his head”….

Whoops! Anyway, I’m here waiting to reply to your holiday villa enquiries so contact me on – and enjoy the photo of Barney hiding under his favourite piece of furniture!photo barney in the lounge