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1st January 2010

A double dose of wrinkly updates…….

So many of you have been asking what is happening to eg Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William – and to my Mum, George and Jim The Fire-engine, that I thought I should update you asap I could…….

In reverse order:
– Poor George The Dragon is still doing a superb job of caring for Jim, who is completely lost to Alzeimers now but is still relatively strong in physical body. A few nights ago, Jim woke up in the middle of the night, put Georges undies, trousers and shirt over his PJs and woke Mum to ask her to take him home to his wife and dog….
So Mum put him in the car and dropped him off far enough up the road for him not to know his way back…………….well, not really but probably felt like doing it!!
– Mike, Tonys brother, is taking Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William to the huge naval celebration in Liverpool tomorrow. WW was part of the naval events being celebrated and Tony Without Teeth just wants the chance to nag Mike the whole way from Billingham to liverpool and back! (WW cannot hear TWT nagging any more – or any less!)
I think there isn’t a naval celebration and that Mike has sold the unsuspecting pair to the Press Gang, who have gathered on the Docks looking for ‘fresh blood’ for the next battle. IF this is the case, aforementioned press gang should be VERY scared! There is nothing more terrifying than Tony Without Teeth in THAT MOOD – and its taken Wicked William millions of years to know when to duck! If you see the pair of them, know that WW’s medals are nothing to do with naval exploits and EVERYTHING to do with bravery in the path of Tony Without Teeth!

I’ll keep you informed!

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