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1st January 2010

A double cat nap!

Charlie is having a sleep over. He didn’t ask us: I’ve just gone into the bedroom which he uses to “chill out” in and found two feral cats snuggled up on one of the beds and all of Charlies food has been eaten!

They’ve scarpered but I think they’ll be back. One of them, has taken to living on the roof of my car and is very, very cheeky. He’s (I think he is a he), is a tabby with white tummy and is very handsome. The other, black, is little and scrawny, so I don’t mind him coming in to eat.

Its only fair really: Charlie nips next door to Debbies and steals the food off Gus cat, so these two have every right to steal food from Charlie.

The dogs won’t be happy: last time Charlie brought a friend home for tea, Alfie went crazy and threw the friend back over the wall onto the hillside. Charlie was very quiet for a long time! I think he has sneaked these two in secretly, knowing I keep his door locked so jake doesn’t steal his food – or eat his friends!

Trouble is there are tons of feral cats on the hill and that room is a little too cosy and too easy for them to get into. Methinks its time to find Charlie and bed him in for the night, locking the windows so he stays put! His mates can then sing to their hearts content on the wall but they’ll be outside looking in!

Category: Cyprus Villas News