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1st January 2010

A doggy dilema!

What a problem we have! Alfie, our wonderful 8 year old German Shepherd/collie cross, who came to Cyprus with us from UK and thus is an “international traveller”, is also police dog trained. This means that his standards are very high/his manners, impeccable and his expectations of his fellow animals, quite testing for them…..

and Alfie lives with Jake and Charlie!

Molly, who is now nicknamed, “Constable Molly” (though technically she wasn’t police dog trained but trained by Alfie, so that has to count!). Molly is “In Little Charge” when we got out. Alfie, “In Big Charge” and Jake and Charlie are under orders to behave and do as they are instructed!

Alfie , or should we say, “Chief Inspector AlfieDog”, loves his job. He takes the role of keeping his family in check, very seriously indeed. Any mention on TV or radio of someone being “in charge”, causes a “gruff” from Alfie as he stares at the offending noise source and rolls his eyes……. PC Molly is totally supportive – and probably a litte in love with Alfie – but Jake is, well, Jake.

If doggie ASBOs were the thing, Jake would have a few. He’d be electronically tagged and curfewed. Charlie too – though he actually IS curfewed at the moment due to the ragamuffin local feral cats he’s been insisting on bringing home with him.

Recently, Jake has been “awarded” another ASBO: he’s been a bit naughty, not only biting the bum of Andy and Els but flirting mercilessly with Els and trying to steal anything she eats/reads/picks up – And Alfie isn’t happy.

Problem is, Alfie loves Jake. Jake loves Alfie and they both play happily for a while each day until Alfie puts on his stripes and wants a bit of order in the ranks. Then Jake is doubly naughty – but what can Alfie do?

Tonight. Alfie has settled for a peaceful stand off with he, Molly and Jake all curled up together on our spare bed. Tomorrow, I just KNOW they’ll be back to being naughty again and Alfie will have to wressle with his conscience: duty over devotion? I’ll let you know ………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News