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1st January 2010

A dog should never walk alone!

Early this morning, from the depth of a very cosy sleep, I heard the distant barking of our mad puppy, Jake. When I say distant, I mean distant – somehow, his barking was coming from the bottom of the hill in Peyia and I knew he, Alfie and Molly were safely locked in the house.

Except they weren’t.

I got up and looked out over the balcony to see Jake, tail in the air, walking across the bottom of the hill with a local hunter and his own 5 dogs! jake had taken his place in the pack and was happily walking along with his newfound pals!

The hunter was great, thankfully – and simply let Jake walk along slowly with him as I ran to get Tony up and dressed: well, one of us had to run down the hill to get jake!

Alfie and Molly were watching from the upstairs balcony and were quite relaxed about the whole thing. As the lowest part of our house is accessed by a flight of steps and Jake was at the top of the house – safely in behind closed gates/a fence and high balustrades, the question is, how did he get out?

We’ve watched him all day to see if he’ll reveal his escape route but he is cleverer than that!

Tonight, we’ll just have to lock all of the doors and keep Jake next to us in the bedroom – which was probably his plan all of the time!

Still, he looked very happy with the other dogs: wonder if they’ll call for him to play out!?

Category: Cyprus Villas News