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1st January 2010

a divine sense of humour?

One of the only bad things about living in the sun, is that skin and hair age quickly. I swear I’ve aged 10 years in the last 5, (though that may only be Jake!).

Where there used to be firm bits, there are now generously flowing soft bits – and thats just my chins!

My hair, once luscious and thick, is now simply thickened with a concoction of everything from conditioner to extra-put-it-on-in-the-bath-and-let-it-set stuff to tomato ketchup (which takes the chlorine “green” tinges out)……

Yesterday, I bought some of the cream that is advertised to “fill in the cracks and wrinkles”. Now let me tell you, I MAY be worth it but this cream in not! Woke up this morning with a decidely “slept in” face which still hasn’t woken up though I’ve been up for hours! (Diary note: book meetings later in day to give face a chance to open….).

Tony, not the prettiest of sights first thing, seems to recover so much more quickly than me and can leave the house without frightening the neighbours, within an hour of getting up. I just say prayers of thanks for my “shades”!

God, in her infinite wisdom must do this to us deliberately: we get older, develop humour and tolerance (allegedly) and physically fall apart. Luckier ones amongst us, get the chance to buy and drive the sports car of our dreams – yet look like we are someones grandparents who’ve borrowed a fit, young adonis’ dream motor!

Then there are the clothes: developing a love of fashion, we find its only for under size 8 and definitely under age 30! We’re to wear “sensible” things and subscribe to magazines offering “careful choice and guidance for the over (-)0s – (no, I’m not telling you!).

Still it could be worse: I could be stepping into a cold day with my slept in face, wobbly bits and bad dress sense – at least the sun is shining here! So now I can take off some clothing and enjoy………….

Aaah, which brings me to another life joke: who WANTS to reveal flesh when they are north of firm tummies?……………..I give in! Where is the chocolate!

Category: Cyprus Villas News