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1st January 2010

A diamond geezer………….

One of the best things about Coral Bay is Kosmina jewellers! Not just because the jewellery is lovely (and it is) but because there is so much choice and the jewellery is such good value………

There endeth the commercial – except to say that we took Mick and Theresa there yesterday because Mick was longing to buy a diamond ring for Theresa, who reluctantly went along with the idea……….

Such a choice: small, discrete round diamond or “investment princess diamond”………whats a girl to do!

Theresa, Mick, Jane and Bill are on their way to the airport now; off to catch their plane home which is very sad for Tony and I. Theresas hand is hanging out of the window and her not round or small diamond is shining in the sun. Big smile on her face and a very pale Mick sitting next to her.

Diamonds or not, we’ve had a great time with the gang xxxx Thanks to them for coming over. xxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News