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1st January 2010

a day to celebrate!

What an exciting Friday it has turned out to be! We’ve a royal wedding taking place not too far away from us – and the sun is in the heavens to shine on the happy couple and their family and friends (making the tiaras sparkle too!).

Mischka, the cat who was adopted by our vet when a horrible man brought her in and just said, “put her to sleep , I don’t want her….”, has survived being run over – she literally just cut her ear and cheek! Thankfully, she’s doing fine!

And, most importantly, Jordi started BIG school today! He was very excited according to his parents – and didn’t give a moments thought to the fact that he was leaving his mummy. He wanted to know all about his teacher, new friends and what he’d be doing…………Mummy and Daddy were very brave too!!

Alfie, jake, Molly and Charlie are sleeping through all of this excitement – well, they’ve had their breakfast so its best to snooze till teatime, isn’t it?

(Now that doesn’t sound like too bad an idea!)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Category: Cyprus Villas News