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5th September 2012

A Day of Note

We are all very sad in the Bell household. Twosheds and Armani left us about 3 hours ago and the house is empty. Molly is looking for Jenny so she can steal Jennys biscuits. Jake is waiting by the stairs to “help” Jenny and David down (and finish eating Davids sunhat) and Alfie is by the fridge coz Twosheds is a big softie and always gives Alf something tasty from the fridge….

I’ve just come in from work and have found 3 notes from jenny so far: one in a napkin, which is folded and means, I’m told, “We’ll be back”. One in my towel near the pool to let me know they are watching me and one in the tea bags!
Oh and a fourth on the bedding telling me to “get out, only Molly is allowed into their room!”

We’ve had a great 2 weeks . These are two of the best people in the world and we’re so happy to know them. Now we both need to sober up and not eat as much – or better still, get them to come home quickly and start all over again!

Ps – Tony has just watered the 5th note, which was hidden in the hanging basket and left instructions for Tony as to what needs to be done!
I’m dreading going to bed! God knows what Twosheds has written!