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1st January 2010

A-Cysting the vet!

Poor Jakey has a cyst in his neck – about the size of a tennis ball. In fact, I thought he’d eaten either Charlie or Tiffy cat so checked on them before we took Jake to the vet.

Julie and Dr Inna, our lovely vets, have moved into very posh premises today and weren’t really expecting any visitors in their new Peyia surgery – but Jake is a superstar puppy and they kindly said they’d see him.

Jake returned the favour by christening their new palace for puppies, with his own brand of “fountain piddle” – which he duly deposited in the doorway but which then spread down the entrance stairs into the car park………..embarrassed? I was but Jake didn’t care!

Anyway, poor beast has a horrible swelling in his neck and we have to watch him really carefully, He has antibiotics to take until Friday then will have to have an op if the swelling doesn’t go down. For this there will be sedation: me as well as my little dog! I cannot bear the thought of him being in pain or discomfort!

While we were at the vet, we met Tim and Bev, a great couple whose villa we used to rent out in Coral Bay , before they came to live here. They’d found a very young puppy while they were out walking their two dogs and had brought the pup in to be checked. He is a gorgeous little dog and they were debating whether or not to keep him when Jake walked in and they realised the little thing they’d found could not be half as much trouble as the big monster Tony had on the lead – Jake, not me ,that is!

Anyway, new pup went home to be at home in the Tim and Bev family, so all ended happily.

Especially for jake, Alfie and Molly who are now all sharing ham which Jake is being given coz it masks the taste of his tablets – and Molly and Alfie are having because they are his brother and sister!

Course Charlie wants some too, which means Tiff needs some……….so we’re having a chip buttie!

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