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20th March 2015

A Cyprusvillas holiday! No strain necessary!

I’ve discovered a wonderful invention today: one which would have made my late Nanna very happy – and one which has tickled me no end!

What is it ? Well, while I was sharing ‘posh coffee’ with the wonderful Lesley today, I decided to have tea instead, as you do – and the waitress brought a “tea timer’: a little gadget like an egg timer but with three timers side by side. Each a different colour and each representing a certain strength of tea! Excellent!

So Lesley and I could talk and talk and not check my teabag – coz the cute little blue sand timer told me when STRONGEST strength had been reached! I love it!

Tried to snaffle the timer into my bag, with the waitress watching but she laughed and took it back from me (after a little arm wressling!).

Loved them so much, am going to try to find some for our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. After all, we take the customers out of their country and into the Cyprus sun but you cannot take the taste of tea off any tea lover!

If you want to book a villa holiday in Coral Bay or Peyia, Cyprus and don’t want the strain, email to me on and I’ll make it easy, offering  a few strengths of investment and choice from which you can choose! Looking forward to giving you a taste of Cyprus!

photo tea strength measurer