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22nd June 2014

A Cyprus weekend

krSo we spent ‘ The Longest Day’ in a mix of duty, checking out and checking in happy holiday guests – and a mix of pleasure, enjoying a very long and lazy lunch with Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou across at Latchi, in Faros Taverna. Summer is definitely here: Latchi, like Coral Bay and Peyia, was filled with colourful tourists; some too colourful and in need of  a serious ‘style guru’ but still interesting to ‘spot’ on our food and people watching time.

Probably the most exciting thing for Tony and TGR, was the arrival of 8 beautiful girls, obviously ‘dancers’, who were visiting Latchi for the weekend in the company of their minders. Both our men tried hard NOT to be too obvious while they stared; each ‘rushed’ to the loo trying to breath in as they did – and did so because the walk back from the loo gave them full on site of these lovelies. Susie and I laughted at them – and the waiters who’d all suddenly taken up pole position at the doorway, and were ‘checking’ to see if the ladies needed anything – off or on the menu! All good fun – especially dragging our greying twosome out of the restaurant by their ears!

Sunday has dawned with the sound of church bells (at 6am) accompanied by Barney T Rubble, ‘singing’ his chorus with them. I had to get up: the bells ring every half hour in Peyia till 8 and I knew Barney would simply sit and serenade and, lovely as the noise is, the neighbours wouldn’t be happy. So, assisted by Molly dog Charlie cat and Barney, I’ve stripped beds, stripped and washes the covers on the sofa and cleaned the oven. Barney is now ‘chasing’ a lemon which has fallen off the tree and Molly and Charlie are asleep on the chair.

With the gentle sound of Tony snoring his heart out upstairs, I’m off to the Residents Lounge, (photo above), our little piece of heaven, to read my book before I have to go to work to see the holiday makers .

If you’d like to join me in paradise, though not in my residents lounge, please email to me on and I’ll be happy to chat. Enjoy your day!