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1st January 2010

A cyprus day

The Peyia City Supermarket opened today. Its all very exciting with banners everywhere , flags flying, queues waiting to get in to look around the huge building and fanfares blowing…..

Sam, in our office was SOOOOO excited by the thought of this new, hi-tech supermarket, where you can buy clothes to furniture, food and homewares – even order online and have them delivered.

Plus , the first 1000 customers get a plastic card with 10 euros free on it, which you have to spend today. Sam and Vanessa were first in the queue and I was very excited to hear back from them about this new Peyia venture.

But, it didn’t open.

Everyone was sent away and told, “come back later, maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday”……..

Welcome to Cyprus!

Category: Cyprus Villas News