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1st January 2010

A Cyprus day……….

When Tony and I first moved to live in Cyprus, almost 6 years ago, we used to laugh at days we called, “Cyprus Days”………well, actually, we didn’t laugh that much – or at least I didn’t! The term was used to talk about days where nothing went right/bureaucracy won over common sense and the places we were directed to, were never the right ones – it was incredibly frustrating but we learned to find our way around in the wonderful, strange country in the same way people do whenever they emigrate.

Today, I’ve experienced some of the best of Cyprus: first thing this morning, Jim , my Stepfather and I , had to go to see his surgeon about Jims very awkward blood clotting process- or rather, lack of clotting. We make this journey every 10 days and every 10 days, this wonderful doctor makes us feel better; cares for Jim like he is one of the family and makes the whole process feel like a special occasion. Today, was one of the best.

From there, we went to the Customs House to try to get the official permission for Mum and Jim to export their car back to the UK. Now this, as you’d expect, requires reams of paperwork; grumpy officialdom and lots of waiting around – expect today, when the officials caught site of my beautiful but pained Mum trying to climb steps to come to see them, they came to her instead and stamped her papers without a second thought. We were out of there, with the permissions, before we’d even reached the office.

On to see Mums surgeon – where we got coffee/welcome then GnTs (not me – I was driving!!) and a very big welcome from all the nurses. It felt like the hospital staff were having a party to welcome Mum back! It was lovely and cheered Mum up a lot.

Home eventually (but only after Jim accidentally stepped on the side of the to-be-exported -car and knocked most of the side off!) – and the heavens opened, then closed just as quickly, leaving the most perfect fully rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life!

Make a wish, I thought, then I looked around and thought, what more could I wish for than this?

Cyprus is beautiful – and so are the hearts of its people.

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